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Our Philosophy
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Grieg Lodge Barnehage

Mission Statement

Barnehage is a privately-taught class/playgroup, open to the public.  The purpose of Barnehage is to teach Norwegian to children when they are most open to learning:  ages infant through 8 years old.  It has been proven that children are most receptive to language, especially when used in everyday circumstances such as through play and conversation.  During this program, we provide opportunities for children to hear, repeat, and use Norwegian in an environment that makes sense to them.

Program Design

During Barnehage, children are free to choose which toys and games they would like to play with.  They may also request a book, song, or art project.  The facilitator plays alongside the children, talking in Norwegian or doing "double-talk":  saying something in Norwegian and then repeating it in English.  The facilitator encourages the children to respond to the Norwegian as if it were English, repeating words and phrases when needed.  Even though the facilitator will respond to the children no matter which language they use, they are encouraged to repeat the Norwegian words and phrases and use them to talk with her.

Grieg Lodge Barnehage * 111 NE 11th Ave * Portland, OR * USA * 97232