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Norwegian classes in Portland, OR, USA

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Tips, Hints and Links

Need a little help?

Clipart of books; Size=248 pixels wide

  • Use the list of links to the right for Norwegian-language activities
  • Label your house with index cards printed with Norwegian words
  • Talk to the laundry as you are folding it
  • Review the lessons discussed after class
  • Rent Norwegian-language movies
  • Listen to the audio for the book here
  • Review the grammar and do extra exercises here
  • Watch videos from the book here
  • Quiz yourself with flashcards here

Recommended dictionaries and grammar books are located here.

Karen's Norwegian alphabet video is located here.


Helpful language sites

Audio for Sett i Gang

Quiz flashcards for Sett i Gang

Grammar reviews for Sett i Gang

Videos for Sett i Gang

Lexin -- Norsk-engelsk dictionary, words and pictures

Norwegian Language Resource list of links

Mama Lisa's World:  Norway kids' songs with words and music

Get the Idea online coloring/activity book in English, Norwegian, and Icelandic

Olle Bolle song, with order page for doll games and karaoke to children's songs

The Bilingual Family Newsletter

Pål sine høner games, songs, and activities to go along with the kids' song

Barnasside kids' activities and games

Dine Beste Websider link page

Barne-Koordinatoren good activities for parents and children to do together

TV 2 Junior Norwegian-language cartoons, viewable on the web

NRK Superbarn Norwegian-language cartoons, games, and other activities

Cherry Carl's Norwegian readers "Little books", flashcards/memory cards, games, and worksheets of basic words